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Walking Tours

Guided walking tours through the historical Jewish quarter of Amsterdam

A walk through the Jewish quarter includes a visit to the Jewish Historical Museum, the Portuguese synagogue and the Holocaust memorial. You will be guided by an experienced Jewish guide and learn a lot about the history of the Jews in the Netherlands.                             


A typical tour lasts 2 - 3 hours. 

The Jewish museum is housed in four former Ashkenazi synagogues, built in the 17th and 18th century. After the Holocaust the synagogues stood abandoned for many years until the museum opened its doors in 1987. The museum has a extensive collection of religious objects, paintings and artifacts. There are always two temporary exhibits of Jewish art and a small exhibit in the area around the former Mikveh (ritual bath). The Children's museum is a unique attraction for young and old.

Across the street stands the monumental Portuguese synagogue built in 1675. The synagogue is lit by hundreds of candles and has no electricity. One of the surrounding buildings houses the winter synagogue, where most of the prayer services are held. The Ets Haim library is 400 years old and is the oldest active Jewish library in the world. A visit to the library can be arranged by special request. 

A 5 minute walk brings you to the impressive Names Monument, designed by the famous architect Daniel Liebeskind (monument World Trade Center). The monument commemorates the 102,000 Jews and 220 Sinti and Roma that were deported from the Netherlands and murdered by the Nazi's. 

The Hollandsche Schouwburg, a former theater that was used by the Nazi's as a deportation center and the adjacent National Holocaust Museum were opened on March 11th 2024 after extensive renovation.


A combination ticket to the Jewish Cultural Quarter costs € 30.00. You can visit all the Jewish Cultural Quarter locations with a single ticket.  

​Groups:  Maximum 10 people per group

Costs:    90 euro per hour/group, entry tickets not included


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